Who’s Who


Committee Members:

     Godfrey Bruce-Radcliffe       01420 83343
    Jim Bartholomew                       07920 440532
Hon Treasurer
    Malcolm Cooper                         01420 549525
     Jane Boulger                               01420 85782
Membership Secretary
     Philip Threadgill                        01420 541695
or plt.u3a@btinternet.com  (you will need to copy and paste this address)
Course Director
      Jeremy Lamey                            01420 84696
Excursions Organiser
      Mary Tricker                               maryetricker@live.co.uk (you will need to copy and paste this address)
Website and data processing
     Steve Millar                                   You can reach me via the contact page (here)
Other Members
      Madeleine Dowding                 01420 83550


The Committee was elected at the 2020 AGM

Non-committee:                                                                                          none at present