Excursion 15 March 2023

Visit to Houses of Parliament and Thames river cruise

A day which started sunny, became grey, ended with heavy rain, and was cold throughout… but we were unbowed! Quite accidentally, we had chosen Budget Day for our visit. This meant that we could not get into the House of Commons, but that some of us were accidentally on live TV! We did however have a very interesting guided tour, including the House of Lords, but sadly no photography inside. In the afternoon we had a cruise down the Thames to Greenwich, with an amusing unofficial commentary by one of the crew!

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Excursion photos
Westminster Hall
Mary Branson’s – New Dawn artwork (colours driven by the water level of the Thames)
U3A outing
Some met Damian Hinds MP
Tower of London
Tower Bridge
Cutty Sark
Shard and Tower Bridge
Shard again