Cardiac Rehab Support:

As you know we (Real bridge players) have been supporting Cardiac rehab, (just sending off another cheque for £555 today) and Denise has asked me to distribute details of this upcoming event, to our online bridge players.

There are only about 2 weeks to go and they are struggling at present with ticket sales, so your support would be much appreciated.  This event is held at the Maltings.

To Book or for more details

Please visit our Ticket Shop to buy online.

Alternatively, contact 01420 544 794 or email to book.



Breaking News

No Partner now needed for Thursday or Friday afternoon Real Bridge.

Many people have asked if we could now do this, as previously we have asked for players to find partners in advance for Thursday afternoons, but from this week, you are all now welcome to just turn up on the day, as you do on Fridays.

Friday afternoons at 2pm, Irene kindly acts as a spare person whilst also Directing, so that we can make up pairs when needed. This will continue.

Thursday afternoons at 3pm, you are also welcome to come along individually, and if you arrive about 15 mins early, and sit at a high numbered table, we can then talk to you and pair you up with suitable partners. If we do end up by any chance, with an odd number of players, then the last single person arriving may not be able to play, so please arrive early, in the unlikely event that a person can’t play, they will be guaranteed a partner next week and will it will be FOC.

This will enable people to make last minute decisions to play.

Please also feel free to invite friends, by forwarding the links to them at any time. No need for them to pay until afterwards, and the first one is free  anyway. I think this Winter it may prove a nice distraction when it rains………Anyone is very welcome to play in either of the 2 Sessions.


Please contact Gary for more information. If you don’t have his email you can reach him via our contact form here.