Friday Afternoon Talks (Monthly)

We run Monthly talks on Fridays at 2.30 at Alton Community Centre.
They are open to all and entry is £2.00 for members and non-members alike.

Our planned talks for 2024 are:

15mar: Antarctica                                                                                Prof Bill Dawson

19apr: 30 years in the Hampshire Constabulary part 2    Jackie Dimmock

17may: How the Victorians died                                                    Michael Grey


Talks are light and enjoyable history – aimed at a wide audience, not just history or art buffs. All are extensively illustrated and contain amusing, often scandalous, anecdotes and insights. They last between 50 minutes and an hour.

Friday 16 February 2024 – Major Paul Whittle – “The Venetian Connection”

Friday 17 November 2023 – Dr Bob France – “The Butler’s Christmas”
John Dine, Petworth’s ancient butler, explores how dramatically Christmas changed from his Georgian youth to late Victorian times. Discover how our Christmas traditions developed. Why did Father Christmas change from green to red? Did the Georgians have Christmas trees, presents and turkeys? What were Mummers, Mumpers and Hodlers? Why was Boxing Day so important? Plenty of insight and amusement – a joyful way to herald the festive season!


Friday 20 October 2023…