Tai Chi

The group is led by Toni Goffe.

Due to the high subscription to this group, there will now be TWO classes…

Those of you who were with me last term and anyone who has done Tai Chi before and feels confident that they can fit in will be welcome to come to the first class @ 2-3pm @ The Members room @ The Community Centre on Fridays. This class will be limited to 25 members.

If you are a beginner or have only taken a few lessons and are not sure or can’t remember, your class is from 3.30pm – 4.30pm also Fridays. This class is limited to 25 members.

We will doing The Yang style Tai Chi 24 step Short Form. You just need loose comfortable clothing with trainers of similar footwear and some water for refreshment. We will be standing for an hour. There will be chairs to put your outside clothing on and resting if you need to.

I’m looking forward to introducing you to the wonders of Tai Chi, improving your general health, your balance, your breathing, your stance and many other mind-body practices.