Social Cycling

A gentle 15(ish)- mile ride on quiet roads or tracks in friendly company. Bring your (roadworthy) bicycle, plus money to pay for your coffee and cake at the break!

Our second outing:

Alton U3A’s social cyclists have one more thing to worry about…’s not that the ride now starts an hour later (11am) to accommodate Blessed Brian’s (Our Great Leader’s) renewed German lessons; it’s more that he seems to have taken on certain worrying characteristics. In conversation he now the verb at the end of a sentence puts, and suggests we might like to refer to him in future as UWF (Unser Wunderbar Fuhrer). We give him the benefit of the doubt for the moment, but if by next month he has grown a moustache, the alarm bells will ring very loudly.
So it was in a sombre mood that eleven hearty souls set out from the Community Centre on 6 October. We carefully split into two groups to ensure we were legal (just as well as we passed a police vehicle on one of the lanes en route and its occupant rather pointedly counted us), and made our way to the Country Market at Kingsley. There the weather held up so that we could eat and drink outside, again sitting in small groups to comply with the latest requirements. That does not inhibit the enjoyable and wide-ranging conversations, though it will be good to enjoy the occasion as a single group once more as soon as circumstances permit.
We battled through a sharp shower on our way back, but we are made of stern stuff and continued on our (uphill) journey unbowed, before swooping back down (battling a headwind) into Alton. We covered nearly 20 miles at a gentle 9.2mph average speed.
Another great mix of exercise and friendship.
The next outing will be 3 November, 11am starting as usual from the Community Centre.



Here’s the first report:

HE’S BACK!!! Yes, after battling the Four Riders of the Apoca-Cycleclips, Blessed Brian, the Behelmeted Behemoth and Our Great Leader, is back leading his army of social cyclists on more adventures. The great comeback took place on Tuesday 1 September when OGL had eleven devoted followers accompany him to Garthowen Garden Centre at Four Marks for the compulsory refreshment stop.
This daring manoeuvre involved an ascent of Snode Hill, which avid readers of this page (ie the writer) will know is to social cyclists what PMQs is to Boris Johnson – we go in confident but under-prepared and come out hot, flustered and puffing after our exertions. But we made it and our reward was a long and very welcome coffee and cake stop.
It was with some reluctance that we remounted, buoyed only by the fact that our earlier labours meant that we had a long downhill run to Farringdon. From there we zipped through the Worldhams and Wyck and made our way back through Holybourne into Alton.
Special mention should be made of Richard who, having cycled all the down the hill from Four Marks to Alton, proceeded in the best Grand Old Duke of York tradition to cycle all the way back up again; then undaunted he made his way back down to Alton before disappearing into the distance. Our only hope is that he is able to free himself from the eternal loop of ascent and descent in time for the next ride on Tuesday 6 October – meet at 10am at the Community Centre, as usual.
A great morning combining healthy exercise and convivial chatter.