Scottish Dancing


Welcome to our Scottish Dancing Groups page; there are two overlapping groups. We have put the information about both of them here.


Monday meetings: A fun morning for everybody regardless of ability. If you enjoy music and dancing this could be for you. Beginners welcomed with or without partners. Dances are chosen to match your development. Everyone dances each dance unless you wish to sit out.


Tuesday meetings: Not suitable for beginners, Tuesday’s workshop tackles more complicated dances and figures which are very satisfying to accomplish, good for your brain, and makes an enjoyable morning.


Scottish Country Dancing for all:

Think of the film “Pride and Prejudice”, with Elizabeth and Darcy talking as they dance. Scottish dancing uses much the same patterns but a bit more energetically (and there are no swords involved).

We dance in groups of 3,4 or 5 couples and weave a variety of patterns on the floor as we move to the music. These patterns vary from short simple moves to longer more complicated figures. One couple are the “dancing couple” but the other couples have supporting roles and each couple has at least one go as the dancing couple and usually two. The dance sequence typically take 30 secs to dance so a group of four dancing twice will take about 4 minutes. Then a chance to chat whilst the leader sorts out the next dance and its music.

For each dance the first thing is to allow couples to walk through the dance and get it sorted in their mind before setting the music going and this is the part that is both fun and exercise.

Coffee break allows all our dancers to catch up with each other’s news

At the end you and your brain will have been nicely exercised whilst you moved to the music in company with friends and you are ready for the rest of your week,


For more information and contact details, please see the Blue Book or email us via the contact form here.