Play the Piano for Pleasure

Do you play at home? Would you like to play a piece of your choice once a month and encourage others? We are a small group of all abilities

11oct2023: Group-leader Godfrey Bruce-Radcliffe writes:- pianists are usually in short supply, but we’d still like to encourage more membership. We meet at my home in Anstey Lane, using the grand piano which I bought new as a retirement present to myself in 2010. Our meetings are simple, playing prepared pieces to each other, enjoying the company and a mutual interest, a chat and a cup of tea. It involves work of course, preparing for each meeting, so our group is especially characterised by the need for time to be spent between meetings practising for the next.

We are of mixed abilities: it doesn’t matter if you’ve only grade 2, and can play grade 2, or if you are an advanced player (which is great for the rest of us!). The mutual interest is what matters. We don’t provide tuition, but I do get occasional enquiries and I’ll try to help if I can. If you would like to visit before playing and just listen, or throw yourself in and play straight away, you can come along twice if you wish; there is no commitment. If you decide to join there is nothing to pay other than u3a fees, the hospitality is free!

If you’d like to chat my number is in the Blue Book, or email me at