Local History Projects

The aim is to continue with the current projects and hopefully, start new ones in order to learn more ourselves and make historical information available to others.

The Local History Project Group researches local historical topics. Having chosen a subject, work is done either singly or in a small group and we meet together regularly to help and support each other. There is no pressure to meet a deadline but, when finished, we do share our results. Members have published articles in ‘Alton Papers’ (the annual publication of the Friends of the Curtis Museum and Allen Gallery) and also individual books and CDs. 
Subjects looked into so far include Eggar’s School, the Alton Gazette, People’s Memories, Market Street, Alton in the Victorian period and Alton Cemetery. 
During lockdown you can contact Jane  if you have any queries. To do that, cut and paste janehurst1@gmail.com.