History for Beginners

History for Beginners is so called because no previous knowledge is needed. We explore mainly the history of England with some excursions into Wales, Ireland and Scotland when appropriate.

History for Beginners is slowly making its way from 1AD to 1901, focusing on the UK where possible. The first half of the C16th was almost complete when Covid struck, so there is one talk on the arts and sciences still to be given.

We cover about 50 years each year, but this time (2022-3) it will be only 46, from the arrival of James 1 in 1603 to the death of his son Charles in 1649.

Both were unfitted for the throne. James believed in witches and also that kings could do what they liked – and in James’s case this meant spending a lot of time hunting. Charles also believed he had a divine right to rule, and his arrogant attitude led to thousands of deaths in the Civil War.

This story is told in the first 4 talks. The 5th will be about what was going on in Europe at the time (it was ghastly), and the 6th tries to cover developments in the arts, sciences and commerce, mainly in England.

We also try to spot features of the period which survive today – like why Anne is called the Princess Royal and why there is a dent in a statue in Winchester cathedral. All are most welcome – Barrie Lees (tel: 563836)

Enquiries welcome: Barrie Lees – tel. 563836 or barrielees@keme.co.uk (please copy and paste the address)