The Embroidery group is one of the newer attractions at Alton’s U3A

Embroidery embraces a whole range of stitching techniques. Some of us will recall from our childhood making tray cloths where the design was ironed on from a transfer and then stitched with chain and lazy daisy stitch while others will have joined in the craze for cross stitch a few years ago, but complete beginners wanting to explore a new hobby will be just as welcome as experienced stitchers.

As the group is new, suggestions will be welcome, but as a starting point, we will be taking cross stitch a few steps further, exploring other counted thread techniques such as blackwork, pulled work, canvas work (which some may know as tapestry), and even the less well-known Wessex stitchery. Some of these techniques look very complicated, but as long as you can count – and thread your own needle – they are generally very straightforward! Of course, if you would prefer to bring along your own project to work on, and just join in the chat, you are also very welcome.