A Day to Remember

A Day to Remember

by Lesley Wright


This year, we voted to visit Weston-Super-Mare for our September outing as many members had happy memories of holidays spent there in the past.  Luckily we had chosen a bright and sunny day, and were able to enjoy the scenery, which was a blessing when we were in those traffic jams on the motorway.  The journey should have taken just over an hour, but the hold-ups doubled this when we include the extra stop at the service station to use the conveniences.  Our coffee break on arrival was most welcome, and then we split into groups so that everyone could choose their own way of spending the day.

Most people started off by having a walk along the promenade to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, though quite a strong breeze sprang up, as John Hughes discovered.  His panama was swept off onto the beach, where it was retrieved by a dog that was quite reluctant to relinquish it.  John says that it is probably still wearable now that he has cleaned it up.  One group decided to explore the pier, and it seems that Eileen and Mary were having such a good time on the gambling machines that they had to be prised away to join their friends for lunch!

We all enjoyed fish and chips at the Rock Café, and then embarked on various activities for the afternoon.  One group went to the park to play Crazy-Golf and had great fun until Mrs Finch accidentally struck Jenny Jones on the chin with her club.  Luckily there was no serious damage and Jenny reports that the bruise is fading fast.  Alan Jefferies was less fortunate when he ventured onto the beach with his group.  The tide was well out, but Alan was determined to reach the sea and set off across the wet sand.  It was very bad luck that his wheels became stuck in a particularly squelchy patch, and that during manoeuvres on the part of helpful onlookers he was tipped out of his chair.  Fortunately Alan and his wheelchair sustained no more than a few scratches, and Alan says it was quite an adventure, though the sea was still about half a mile away.

We gathered together at four o’clock for a delicious cream tea, at the café near the coach park.  Our five pm departure was only slightly delayed when we had to send out a search party for Betty, who had fallen asleep on a bench.  Thanks are due to all the volunteers who came with us on the trip and assisted with the little problems that occurred.  We passed the time with a sing-song on the way home; Brian entertained us with an old folk song from his native Northumbria.  Well done for remembering all fifteen verses Brian!

Our sea-side venture was much enjoyed by all, but perhaps a National Trust visit would be a pleasant contrast for next time.

Cathy Andrews

Social Secretary


(c) Lesley Wright 2020