Creative Writing

Creative Writing is great fun and very satisfying.  We write short stories or poems to a given title and share these at our fortnightly sessions, offering each other helpful feedback which allows us to grow and improve our standards.

We are constantly amazed at the variety of approaches members have taken to the one subject and at the astonishingly different stories, diaries, plays or poems that are produced.  Sometimes we cry with laughter, sometimes we are close to tears with the poignancy of a particular story or poem. Often we nod knowingly when we think we know what is going to happen next, only to be surprised by the “twist in the tail”. Some of our work is published in an annual anthology.

Sometimes we ring the changes perhaps by writing in the style of a particular author or to a particular verse structure such as a sonnet or a haiku. Occasionally we attempt off the cuff writing in short timed exercises. We are always surprised and delighted when we share the results of those  efforts.  It is amazing how creative people can be.

We have benefitted too from visits by published authors, all very different personalities with a variety of approaches, who have shared their experience with us. 


Our 2019-20 Anthology, posted online due to Covid, is here.

Our 2020-21 Anthology, posted online due to Covid, is here.


Our next, and last for this u3a year, Zoom session will be on the 27th of May when the title will be

“The Last Word”


“After the Plague”

(Pauline will email the zoom link to group members nearer the time.)

If you want to get in touch, please use our contact form here.

Do keep writing, it’s good for the soul, and please send Pauline your stories even if you can’t join in the Zoom sessions.