Linda Wells


This piece is based on one of the Seven Deadly Sins….


It was becoming darker and she was frightened.

 She found the blackening sky oppressive and unsettling. She began to shiver. However, it really was not the cold that was causing this reaction. It was fear.

 Fear gripped her body. Her mouth was dry; she was tense; and she did not know what to do for the best. She glanced around, though what she was looking for was unclear. Someone to help her? No chance of that. None at all, she knew that much.

 A sense of hopelessness overwhelmed her and the feeling of nausea added to her misery. She knew there was no escape.

 When they had left in the morning, they had made sure she was securely locked in this one room, all alone. Any attempts at finding a way out had proved impossible, so she had given up. They did this every day. She often felt pangs of loneliness but these were as nothing compared to her present state of mind.

 There were two of them. Both strong, though one was more heavily set than the other. When either of them held her, struggling was futile, so she had learned to submit without a fight.

 Her legs began to tremble and she retreated to a corner for comfort. It felt less threatening there but honestly there could be no good outcome. She would just have to wait.

 The gathering gloom enveloped the room and at last she thought of moving from her relatively safe space to somewhere less obvious. A stupid thought! Wherever she went, they would track her down. No escape!

What was that? A noise! Were they putting the key in the lock? They were! Her trembling became uncontrollable. She listened intently, for any sign of their movements.

 She could hear their voices! They were back! She tried to make herself look small but that would do no good. They were laughing but she knew that would soon change. She stiffened, ready for the assault.

 The door opened and one of them switched on the lights.

 As the light flooded the room, the casserole dish in pieces on the kitchen floor said it all.

 Bessie, the greedy Labrador, her jowls smeared with gravy, was in trouble!