Creative Writing (Wednesdays)

We formed a second Creative Writing Group in 2021 and quickly gelled into a friendly, dynamic group, meeting on a Wednesday  once a month. We start with a short 10-15 minute exercise, where we write off the cuff. Being faced with a new topic sometimes leads to initial baffled expressions, but it is very pleasing to see the ‘lightbulb moments’ when inspiration arrives. It is still amazing to us that there can be so many different takes on a given subject!
After we have shared these, we take turns to read the pieces we have written in the previous month. What a delight it is to sit back and be read to! We support each other with ideas and constructive feedback, so the whole experience is very satisfying. A most enjoyable way to pass a couple of hours.
You are most welcome to read some of our work from 2021-22  here.


We are running two creative writing groups – find the other group’s page here.