Groups and Group News

We have a wide range of groups covering a wide range of interests and activities.   See pages 12-17 of the Blue Book.

Those groups with underlined names link to their pages where you can find more details. More of these links will be added as time goes on as Group Leaders update the information.


Art Appreciation

Beowulf: please see Exploring Epic Poems

Bird Watching

Board Games

Bridge Club, duplicate, on Mondays

Bridge, beginners and improvers, on Thursdays


Choir **


Creative Writing (Thursdays)

Creative Writing (Wednesdays)

Current Affairs

Cycling – see “Social Cycling

DSLR Photography


Exploring Epic Poems (course fully subscribed)

Family History

(Film Night) On intermission this year

Finance and Economics Discussion Group

French Improvers **

Fun Maths

Gardening for All

Guitar for Fun

History for Beginners

History of Photography

Italian for Holidays **

Listening to Jazz

Literature: the Novel

Local History Projects

Luncheon Club

MOTO – Members On Their Own

Music Discovery

Painting for Fun

Play Reading

Play the Piano for Pleasure

Poetry Appreciation

Popular Science

Puzzles and Mind Games


Recorders **

Scottish Dancing (Mondays)

Scottish Dancing Workshop (Tuesdays)

Social Cycling

Tai Chi

Ukulele for Fun (Beginners)

Ukulele for Fun (Improvers)

Wednesday Walks

Yoga (Mat and Chair)

** These courses are progressive and regular attendance is recommended to avoid disruption to the group.